Mercedes Servicing Stonehouse

Our Mercedes servicing in Stonehouse provides top quality solutions that meet all Mercedes-Benz standards. At our specialist garage, we can service all Mercedes models using the latest diagnostic equipment and genuine manufacturer parts. A service is an essential part of car maintenance as we can ensure it is kept in the best condition, therefore keeping you safe and also prolonging the vehicle’s life. With our state-of-the-art facilities and professional approach, you can rely on us for first class servicing and repair work that lasts. We are also very proud to offer competitive prices, so for more information, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Service A

The first service for your vehicle will be Mercedes-Benz Service A, which is due around 10,000 miles or a year after purchase. However, this may vary slightly depending on the model or how you drive your vehicle. There is no need to worry about figuring this out, as the Flexible Service System will let you know when to bring your car in. Here is what’s included in Service A:

  • Motor oil replacement.
  • Oil filter replacement.
  • Fluid level checks * 
  • Brake inspection.
  • Tire inflation check and correction.
  • Reset maintenance counter.

Service B

An air-con re-gas involves removing old refrigerant gas and replacing it with new refrigerant. This is a speedy process that restores air conditioning to its original condition. While many people think air-con is only necessary throughout the summer, it is actually important all year round. Throughout the winter, air conditioning offers an excellent de-misting solution. So, book your car in with us today for air-con re-gassing.

  • Cabin dust filter replacement.
  • Brake fluid exchange.


* Dependent on factory-recommended intervals for your car’s year and model.

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If you need Mercedes servicing in Stonehouse, visit our specialist garage today and book your vehicle in with our skilled and experienced team. If you have any questions about the services, please contact us and we will be happy to help. The servicing schedule for your vehicle can differ due to your model or everyday driving habits, and we can recommend when to bring it in.
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