Clutches Stonehouse

If you need a mechanic to service clutches in Stonehouse, make Volkswagen & Audi Centre your first call. From clutch replacement through to comprehensive repairs, we can do it all. Due to their tendency to wear out, clutches frequently need replacing or maintenance. As an integral component in your vehicle’s transmission, it is essential you are aware of any issues. Here at our garage, our team of experienced and fully qualified mechanics offer fast and effective solutions to keep you on the road.

For free quotations, get in touch with us today. If you are based in Stonehouse or a local area including Quedgeley, Stroud and Dursley, visit us for the most durable and affordable solutions around.

Clutch Replacement

If your vehicle requires clutch replacement, it is likely that it will show tell-tale signs. If you have noticed any changes in your clutch when driving, it is best to get your car checked by a professional. Here at Volkswagen & Audi Centre, we will only use high-quality and long-lasting parts that offer excellent value for money.

Do I Need A New Clutch?

Have you been wondering; do I need a new clutch? Worn parts of the clutch will affect the way you drive, and if your vehicle is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may need to be replaced:

  • Problems with changing gear
  • Soft or vibrating sensations
  • Loose pedal when pressed
  • Ability to rev the engine though poor acceleration
  • Squeaking or grumbling noise when pressed
  • A ‘slipping’ clutch that causes momentarily reduced acceleration

Comprehensive Repairs

Our insured and fully qualified mechanics provide comprehensive clutch repairs and quality clutch replacements, ensuring your vehicle operates safely and effectively. We promise customer service of the highest quality and answer any queries you may have.

Free Quotes

Contact us today for free quotes on our services for clutches in Stonehouse. Whether you are based in Stonehouse or the surrounding locations including Quedgeley and Dursley, visit our garage for reliable mechanics.

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