Cambelt Change Stonehouse

Looking for a cambelt change in Stonehouse? Then get in touch with us to book in your vehicle. No matter the make or model, you can bring your vehicle to us to have the timing belt replaced quickly and affordably. Also, if you are unsure whether yours is due to be changed, you can bring your car in to have it checked. Call us today to make a booking.

When To Replace Your Cambelt

Vehicle manufacturer guidance for replacing your cambelt varies depending on the make or model. Typically, you should expect to replace your timing belt between 40k-100k miles or from around 4-5 years depending on your driving habits. However, this is far from official and the best way to ensure you get your car booked in in time is to maintain regular servicing and ask your local garage (us) to check its condition. Especially if you notice any of the indicators listed below.

Signs You Need A Cambelt Change

There are several signs that your cambelt could be failing and may need changing, such as:

  • Ticking noises coming from the engine
  • Sudden development of an engine oil leak
  • An extra smoky exhaust due to engine stress
  • Revs/RPM (revolutions per minute) are playing up

What Happens When A Timing Belt Breaks?

When the timing belt breaks the camshaft stops turning. This will result in engine valves becoming stuck in the open position. Meanwhile, the crankshaft’s momentum continues to move the engine’s pistons, driving them into the now open valves. As a result, the valves will most certainly buckle, bend or snap, likely causing mass failure of the cylinder head/block. If cambelts break while the vehicle is in use, the damage caused to the engine is often unfeasible to repair.

Cost Of A Cambelt Change

Avoid the hefty cost of engine rebuilds and new cars by keeping your vehicle maintained and changing your cambelt in good time. While replacing your cambelt is an expense we would all prefer to avoid, it is far less costly than a failure would be. Costs to replace a cambelt vary depending on make and model of the vehicle, but we keep our prices competitive and a quote is free with no obligation. So, call us today with your registration for more information.

Call Volkswagen & Audi Centre

To arrange a cambelt change in Stonehouse call the Volkswagen & Audi Centre today. We are also accessible from Quedgeley, Stroud and Dursley and surrounding areas.

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