Jaguar Servicing Stonehouse

Our regime for Jaguar servicing in Stonehouse is guaranteed to ensure your Jaguar receives the highest quality solutions. When we service vehicles, it is our commitment to provide a premium, hassle-free experience for your total peace of mind. We do what we do because of our passion for cars, so rest assured, we respect all vehicles equally and wholeheartedly. Our service plans are specifically designed to ensure the procedure is cost-effective, to prevent any issues in the future. Moreover, we service Jaguar vehicles with the latest diagnostic equipment and use genuine manufacturer parts, should there be a fault. Get in touch with us today for more information.

What is Included in a Jaguar Service?

In line with Jaguar’s protocols and requirements, we identify and resolve the following issues during a Jaguar service:

  • All lights (brake lights, headlights, etc.)
  • Thorough engine inspection (including oil and filter)
  • Braking systems (discs, pads and shoes)
  • Radiator and coolant check, plus, air-con inspection
  • Steering and suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Tyres and alloy wheels
  • Fuel filter (for diesel) and spark plug change (for petrol)
  • Electrical components (battery, alternator, starter motor)
  • Performance testing
  • And more

Additionally, we offer vehicle diagnostics using the latest technology. Our specialist software allows us to identify issues promptly. So, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

When Does My Jaguar Need Servicing?

Are you wondering when your Jaguar needs servicing? It all depends on the model and how many miles, on average, you run a year. This will also determine whether you need an interim or full service. If you own a vintage Jaguar, we highly recommend servicing it with us every 7,500 miles. For newer models, every year or two years. For expert advice, call our friendly team at the centre today.

Jaguar Repairs

From brake replacements through to clutches, exhausts and air-con servicing, we offer a comprehensive range of Jaguar repairs that are tailored to your vehicle. All repairs are performed by our expert mechanics using modern tools and technology. Rest assured, we will get your vehicle back to its pristine condition. If a replacement is required, we will use genuine Jaguar parts. So, contact us today to book in your Jaguar for repairs in our state-of-the-art facility.

Contact Volkswagen & Audi Centre in Stonehouse Today

With us, we promise you your Jaguar vehicle will remain a Jaguar. Never will we source alternative, unbranded parts that aren’t in line with Jaguar’s protocols. So, contact Volkswagen and Audi Centre for Jaguar servicing in Stonehouse today!
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